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I  am a maker in the field of textiles and fashion design. I focus on creating unique textiles through hands-on manipulation primarily using hand-felted wool as a medium. My textile ‘mark-making’ palette is enhanced by natural dyeing, eco printing with plant material, earth, rust and rot stains, Nuno felting, Shibori, traditional Indigo fermentation, and recycling techniques. My preference is for natural plant and animal fibers because of their innate elegance, strength and sustainability.






Traditional fermented Indigo dye process with resist dye techniques


Mark-making with eco print dye technique and rust  


COSTUME DESIGN for Zoya Sardashti

Costume design for Waking Up Iranian American by Zoya Sardashti (performer/choreographer). During a span of two years the artists collaborated in Italy where they conceptualized the costumes for Zoya’s performance together after which Kristina created them from start to finish. The performance was presented in several locations including: an artist residency at Glurns Art Point in… Continue reading COSTUME DESIGN for Zoya Sardashti







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